We welcome you to our piece of paradise in the Niassa Reserve, Mozambique’s largest protected wilderness area.

A place of stunning beauty, a place of magical wildlife, a place of vulnerable culture, and a place as yet untouched by the brush of mass commercialisation. Join us as we explore this great African wilderness, taking time to savour and delight in its magic and mystery.

Niassa is not just another place in Africa to visit and tick off the list, but a place where an honest emotional connection can be felt… where you feel like an integral part of the story unfolding around you. It is this philosophy & spirit of place that has inspired MOJA SAFARI WILDERNESS.

We are observing a shift in consciousness in the world of travel today, a shift towards a more personal, responsible, and real experience. What Africa needs now, more than ever, is for travellers to come seeking out the real Africa, the Africa behind the mask. We believe this is the future of African safaris, and one made real at MOJA SAFARI WILDERNESS.

Our quest to make this shift tangible in Niassa begins with an unravelling of the word safari. The true meaning of the word is: ‘a journey’ or ‘new beginnings’, stemming from the Arabic word safa. It is our intention at MOJA to re-introduce our guests to the concept of the journey in their unique African safari experience… a journey of discovery, a journey of magic, a journey of understanding and a journey of joy.

The MOJA experience… specialist mobile safaris… will unveil the real Africa, pure and gentle… an Africa that is simply captivating. An African safari experience that creates a feeling of being part of something. We invite you to be part of our world at MOJA… a real, uncultivated African journey.

We are as excited as you to get Moja up and running this year. We look forward to sharing more with those of you attending Indaba in May. If you would like to know any more details or to make a booking at Moja Safari Wilderness – please email us.